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Ask Before You Hire a Lawyer

Do Not Hire A Personal Injury Attorney Until You Know The Answers To These Questions

  1. Does your law firm have lawyers who have been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Certified Trial Attorneys?
  2. Does the major portion of your law firms’ practice involve personal injury?
  3. Is your law form of sufficient size to match and fight the resources of the insurance company?
  4. Does your law firm have persons trained in the medical profession to assist in medical malpractice lawsuits?
  5. Does your lawyer have its own in-house investigator whose services are included in the attorney’s fees or does your law firm employ outside investigators?
  6. What is your law firm’s history of successful verdicts & settlements in major personal injury litigation cases?
  7. Will your law firm handle your case through trial or will it refer your case out to another firm?
  8. Does your law firm employ assistants who will submit your medical bills for insurance payments without additional charge to you?
  9. Does your law firm provide you with free consultations either in their office, at your home or at a hospital and charge no fee if there is no recovery?
  10. How many years has your law firm been in existence?
  11. I have been in an automobile accident. What should I do?
    1. First take care of yourself.
    2. Second fill out the accident form.

  12. Third contact us.

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