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The Devastating Loss Of A Loved One

After the loss of a loved one, the surviving family members will likely face financial peril. At Breslin & Breslin, we represent families in wrongful death litigation in medical malpractice cases, motor vehicle accidents, accidents on the job and other fatal accidents.

To learn how our firm’s long tradition of service can benefit you and your family in the tragic circumstances of a fatal accident, contact our office in Hackensack for a free consultation.

Attentive Client Service Since 1936

From a purely legal standpoint, the objective in wrongful death litigation is to recover as much compensation as possible for the financial security of the surviving family. From a broader human perspective, however, our goal as your lawyer is to help you through a difficult transition while keeping the burdens of litigation as light as possible for you and your family.

No two families have exactly the same needs. Our attorneys are ready to answer your questions, and anticipate your needs while we are working toward a legal resolution of your wrongful death claims.

Holding Those Responsible Accountable For Their Actions

In many situations, it is simply not enough to seek monetary compensation after a fatal accident. Whenever possible, our firm will hold the wrongdoers accountable and seek a change in action in addition to the personal injury claim. For example, if faulty tire construction causes a blowout which leads to a fatal accident, we will hold the manufacturer accountable for their negligence and seek to have their substandard manufacturing process corrected to prevent future injuries.

Whether your loss was caused by a doctor, driver or manufacturer, we will fight for your financial compensation as well as holding the wrongdoer accountable for their actions.

Our job is to demonstrate the value of your family’s loss in specific and concrete terms, first in settlement negotiations and if necessary to a jury. Our lawyers have decades of experience successfully recovering damages in New Jersey wrongful death cases. We know how to develop and present the evidence in terms that can make the decisive difference.

For additional information about our experience and client service values in New Jersey fatal accident litigation, contact Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack.

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