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Misinterpreted Results And Improper Screening

Improper screening for serious medical conditions can lead to misdiagnoses or failures to diagnose life-threatening conditions such as cancer, birth injury, infections or cardiac complications. A failure to screen when certain symptoms are recognized or during certain intervals in pregnancy or at standard times in a person’s life is negligence on behalf of a medical professional.

Primary care physicians, nurses, specialists of all types, hospitals and clinics may be held accountable for improper screening or failure to screen or diagnose. When you or a loved one is diagnosed with an illness or disease in a late stage of the condition, the first question you should ask yourself is “Could this have been prevented?”

It costs you nothing to ask that question of our experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Bergen County. At Breslin & Breslin, we offer free initial consultations in the case of a potential medical negligence claim. Our trial-tested attorneys have decades of experience prosecuting cases and obtaining maximum compensation for clients who have suffered needlessly because of improper screening and misdiagnosis.

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Skilled, Resourceful Representation

If a standard, periodic screening for cancer such as a mammogram, blood work or colonoscopy was not performed, or if a biopsy or MRI was not performed after noticing a potentially cancerous growth, it will take a specialized medical expert to identify why the screening was not performed and whether the decision not to screen was consequential to a related medical condition.

Our attorneys work closely with medical experts in a variety of fields all the time. Every case that we handle is first examined by an expert.

  • If a delayed or botched screening led to a birth defect in your child, we work with a trusted obstetric specialist to build your case for compensation.
  • If a radiologist or pathologist fails to diagnose breast cancer, we work with an oncology specialist to identify what went wrong and why.
  • If a cardiologist fails to diagnose a heart irregularity or an irregular heartbeat, we prepare a case that is designed to influence improvement to the way in which hearts are monitored and patients are screened.

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