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Construction Workers Can Suffer Devastating Injuries

Injured construction workers have the same rights to workers’ compensation as any other employees, but a construction accident might result in additional rights of financial recovery. If you are a construction worker who got hurt on the job in northern New Jersey, contact a personal injury lawyer at Breslin & Breslin for more information about your legal options.

If the negligence of someone other than your employer or a fellow worker was responsible for an accident at work, you will have the right to pursue the negligent party for personal injury damages. For construction workers, this means the right to start a lawsuit against a property owner, an equipment manufacturer, a truck driver, or anyone else whose carelessness played an important role in the accident. Even another contractor’s OSHA violation can help us establish negligence liability in a personal injury case.

Protect Your Rights After A Construction Accident

New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits are normally limited to lost income and medical expenses during a period of disability. Personal injury damages cover a much wider range of losses, including pain and suffering. The amount you can recover through a personal injury settlement or jury verdict can be several times as large as the total amount of workers’ compensation benefits.

You do not need to choose between workers’ comp benefits and personal injury damages. The attorneys at Breslin & Breslin can work with you and explain the strengths and weaknesses of your claims under both systems. If there is a good chance that we can prove the liability of a defendant unrelated to your employer, we can represent you in both workers’ compensation proceedings and personal injury litigation.

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We represent construction workers whose accidents range from falls to equipment accidents, electrocution or explosions. To learn more about our experience with construction injury litigation, contact a lawyer at Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack for a free consultation.

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