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Holding a doctor accountable for dangerous narcotic prescriptions

Your problem probably started out pretty small. Maybe you got into a car crash and had soft tissue pain or a broken bone. Perhaps you had surgery and needed pain relief while you recovered from the procedure. Your Hackensack doctor was more than willing to prescribe you painkillers. In fact, they may have insisted on those medications even if you were nervous about taking them.

Your doctor prescribed more pain pills than were reasonable for your condition, and when it was time to stop, you realized you didn't want to. Maybe you discovered that you couldn't stop taking the pills without serious discomfort and withdrawal symptoms.

Accidents at the grocery store can result in catastrophic injury

People who go to the grocery store don't expect that they are going to be injured while they are there. The risks of suffering an injury are high in some cases because some stores don't keep the floors clean and free of debris. They might also have other issues present that can also lead to injuries. We know that it is difficult to think about what you are going to have to do now that you did suffer a serious injury.

Many different ones can occur when you are involved in an incident at a grocery store. If you slip and fall on something wet or debris on the floor, you might hurt your back, head or limbs. This can be catastrophic because you might not be able to work or keep up with your daily duties. We know that this is tragic and can have a negative impact on your finances. Seeking compensation might help you to address that point.

How does a spinal cord injury affect the body?

A serious car wreck can have many different effects on the victims. One of the more serious injuries that might occur is a spinal cord injury. These can change the way that you face daily tasks, sometimes even the ones that you do without thinking on a daily basis.

Many people wonder why injuries to this area of the body are so serious. There are several reasons for this, so trying to minimize these may be beneficial. Knowing a little about the spinal cord can also help you as you evaluate various options that might be present for you during your healing.

New Jersey workers' compensation program protects workers

Workers who are injured while doing their job duties can turn to workers' compensation for benefits. In New Jersey, this is a no fault program that covers medical care related to the injury. It also provides temporary and permanent disability benefits if the worker can't return to their job duties because of the injury.

Because workers can get these benefits no matter who was at fault for the accident, they are unable to file a civil claim against the employer. There is only one exception to this – when the incident that caused the problem was done intentionally. If the injury was caused by a third-party issue, such as a defective piece of equipment, a legal claim can be made against the liable party.

Types of incidents that might lead to a personal injury claim

There are many types of accidents that might lead to a personal injury claim. The tie that binds them together is that the victims suffered financial damages that the party liable for the incident should cover. These damages are often medical bills, lost wages and similar financial impacts of the injury. Some other damages might also be possible depending on the situation.

We understand that this is a rough time in your life and that you might not have any room to handle anything besides trying to heal and living your normal life. We can work with you to develop your strategy. Once we have this in place, we will represent your interests throughout the process so that your rights remain respected. This gives you time to focus on healing and rebuilding after the injury.

Watch for signs of abuse and neglect in nursing homes

Senior citizens who are in nursing homes count on the help of the nurses and other staff members to help them with daily care tasks. While many people get that assistance without any issues, there are instances in which the residents suffer abuse and neglect at the hands of the individuals who are being paid to care for them.

Nursing home abuse and neglect come in many forms. Knowing some of the warning signs of these might help you spot issues that are present.

  • The resident has a body odor or is wearing dirty clothing. Not having help with personal care like toileting might mean they smell of feces or urine. Having unclean hair or overgrown nails are also signs of neglect.
  • Your loved one complains of incontinence when that wasn't an issue before. Mobility issues might require them to have help going to the toilet. When this doesn't happen, they might have accidents.
  • Disposable briefs or adult diapers aren't changed regularly. There might be rashes, skin breakdown, sores or pressure ulcers in that area. The person might complain of pain or itching.
  • You notice that the resident has a dry mouth, sudden weight loss or cracked lips. These, along with other signs, signal that malnourishment or dehydration are occurring.
  • Frequent or unexplained injuries occur. These can be broken bones from frequent falls, bruises or scratches that might be due to rough transfers and other injuries. Nursing home staff members know that the residents are often frail, so they should be treated appropriately.

Types of premises liability that can lead to claims

Most people don't venture onto another person's property with the intention of becoming injured. This is one of the reasons why premises liability claims are so important. They give people who are injured in a variety of situations the opportunity to seek compensation for the damages they've suffered.

Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests who are invited onto it. The expectation doesn't extend to trespassers, but it is still a good idea for property owners to create a safe space. This is true for both commercial and residential properties.

4 most commonly fatal construction accidents

Construction workers face four primary hazards that lead to more fatalities than all others. Reducing their risks can help to greatly cut down on the number of workers who are killed at work.

These four hazards are so deadly that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has dubbed them the "Fatal Four Hazards." They include falls, struck by objects, electrocutions, and caught in or between issues.

Types of damages to consider in a car wreck claim

The damages that occur with a car wreck vary greatly depending on the circumstances. For some people, the primary concern is how they are going to pay the cost of fixing or replacing their vehicle. For others, the main focus is medical bills and lost wages. When the accident was caused by a negligent driver, you might choose to seek compensation for the damages.

The medical bills that a person receives after a wreck aren't limited only to those from the hospital. They might have a bill from the ambulance, doctor's visits, specialist appointments, health care consultations, therapy and medications. For some people, medical accessories and devices such as crutches or wheelchairs are also costly. In-home services like personal care assistance might also be necessary. The cost of all of these can add up quickly, and they can all be included in a claim for compensation.

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