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Some hazards can be especially dangerous for children

Most people don't think twice about the common dangers that they face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this can be a devastating oversight especially for parents. The hazards that can impact children aren't ones that might have the same effect on adults. For this reason, parents should have an idea about what they need to be careful of when they are with their kids.

There are a few things that make these dangers more of an issue for children. For one, they don't have the decision-making skillset that adults have, so they might not realize that something can hurt them. Another factor is that they are still growing, which can mean they suffer injuries to which adults are not as susceptible. In all cases, parents and manufacturers must do their parts to help keep children safe from harm's way.

Distracted drivers kill 9 people a day in this country

Distracted driving is a tragedy that could be avoided if drivers would just focus on the road instead of the things that are going on around them. There is never a good time to allow your attention to move away from the driving duties. If even one driver isn't paying attention, there might be a crash.

Distracted driving kills around nine people and injured around 1,000 people in this country each day. One of the primary issues is cell phone usage. Around 481,000 drivers use their phone while driving during daylight hours in this country. Interestingly, teens are the largest group to have been distracted at the time a fatal crash occurs.

Trader Joe's Vegetables Recalled Over Lysteria Concerns

The NJ product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin are reporting that packages of fresh vegetables produced by a Maine company under several brands including Trader Joe's have been recalled over concerns of Listeria contamination, though no illnesses have been reported.

Product liability claims have various possible outcomes

The products that manufacturers sell to the public should be reasonably safe while still achieving the necessary intended results. When this isn't the case, the consumers are the ones who can suffer. There are many different forms of product liability claims that you should know about when you deal with unsafe merchandise.

The types of product liability claims that you might encounter fall into three broad categories. One of these is marketing defects, which includes things like incorrect labels and warnings that don't adequately alert the consumer to the potential dangers of the product.

Beware of hidden spinal cord injuries after an accident

Many accidents can lead to a spinal cord injury. However, there are some instances in which you might not notice right away. It is imperative that you always consider the possibility of having this type of injury if you are involved in any accident.

The chance of someone having a spinal cord injury is why paramedics put patients on hard backboards and use cervical collars when they are bringing people to the emergency room from serious accidents like semitruck or motor vehicle crashes.

Hummus Products Recalled Over Lysteria Concerns

The product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin are reporting that a recall of dozens of hummus products has been issued due to concerns over listeria, according to a company announcement posted on the FDA's website.

Bison Burgers Behind E. coli Infections in NJ

The product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin are reporting that two New Jersey residents - from Bergen and Middlesex counties - have been infected in a multi-state outbreak of E. coli infections linked to buffalo burgers, federal officials said Wednesday.

Swimming Pool Safety

Many of us enjoy backyard swimming pools and hot tubs in the summer months. However, if proper safety precautions are not taken, swimming can be an extremely dangerous pastime, especially for children. Tragically, over 200 young children drown in swimming pools and hot tubs each year. The following guidelines can help prevent these horrific accidents from happening:

What to Do After a Slip and Fall: 5 Steps

Slip and falls are among the most common causes of injury in New Jersey. Under New Jersey law, property owners have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their stores, offices and residences. If an individual is injured due to an unsafe property, the owners or managers may be held liable for damages. Here are the 5 steps you should follow if you've suffered a slip and fall:

Fall prevention must be a nursing home priority

Nursing home residents are sometimes at an increased risk of falling. This is due in part to the normal aging process, but it can also occur because of the side effects of medications and environmental factors. Each person in the nursing home should be evaluated for their fall risk so that appropriate protocol can be established and followed for that resident.

Each year, between 50 and 75 percent of the residents of this country's nursing homes will suffer from a fall. Many of these residents fall more than once per year. In fact, the number of annual falls per resident is 2.6. Some of those falls, around 1,800 per year, are fatal. The question that might come up after learning this is what options nursing homes have to reduce the risk of the residents falling. In order to answer this, you have to look at the contributing factors.

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