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Over 60k Jool Baby Infant Swings Recalled

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Personal Injury, Product Liability

Jool Baby, a brand of children’s products, has recalled about 63,000 infant swings that were sold at Walmart stores and online because they posed a suffocation risk, federal safety regulators said.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Thursday that the Jool Baby Nova Baby Infant Swing that was marketed, intended or designed for infant sleep posed a suffocation risk because it had an incline angle greater than 10 degrees.

The product violated the commission’s Infant Sleep Products Regulation and the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, the agency said.

A study cited in the federal regulation of infant sleep products found that infants who slept in products with a 20-degree incline were exposed to increased demand on the abdominal muscles, which could lead to fatigue and suffocation. The same study determined that an incline of 10 degrees or below does not significantly affect infant motion or muscle activity.

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