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Protecting Clients’ Rights Following Serious Surgical Mistakes

Errors made during the administration of anesthesia or patient monitoring during a surgical procedure can have catastrophic or even tragic results. Beyond seeking to address the wrongs they have suffered, many families of patients who experience the adverse effects of anesthesia errors also want to understand what happened, and why their loved one may have suffered these additional, unanticipated complications.

The lawyers of Breslin & Breslin represent clients in New Jersey who have suffered further injury, infection, long-term disability or wrongful death as a result of surgical errors, including anesthesia errors. If your surgical procedure did not go as planned, we can help you determine whether medical negligence may have been involved. Contact our firm to discuss your case with one of our experienced Bergen County attorneys handling anesthesia error and other surgical claims.

Common Causes Of Anesthesia Malpractice

Most anesthesia errors occur as a result of one of two causes. The failure to do a proper preoperation evaluation could lead the anesthesiologist to administer medicines that the patient has a known allergy to. The failure to properly monitor the patient during the procedure for signs of distress could also lead to severe complications such as:

  • Brain damage
  • Asphyxia
  • Coma
  • Stroke
  • Heart attacks

Over-sedation and anesthesia awareness, or waking up during surgery, can also cause significant emotional trauma for the patient and his or her family.

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As highly trained medical specialists, anesthesiologists, surgeons and surgical nurses work together to ensure patient safety during an operation. We work with the appropriate surgical experts to determine if our clients’ medical teams departed from the recognized standards of surgical care or procedure first. We then provide forthright advice on their options for pursuing a legal claim. We combine our trial experience with a high level of personal attention focused on our clients’ unique needs.

To discuss your questions or concerns in more detail with an experienced lawyer at our firm, contact Breslin & Breslin to arrange a free initial consultation.

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