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Were You Injured On A Motorcycle?

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident in northern New Jersey, it makes sense to get legal advice from a law firm that has fought for individual rights for more than 80 years.

For a free consultation about protecting your legal options in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash, contact a personal injury attorney at Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack.

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Motorcycle riders face two major disadvantages in motor vehicle accidents: first, they are physically exposed to direct impact, if not with the car or truck that hit them, then certainly with the pavement when they are thrown from the bike. The other disadvantage has to do with physics. Any collision between a motorcycle and a bigger vehicle is a mismatch, so that even a glancing blow or low-speed impact can send the bike and its rider flying. These disadvantages mean that motorcycle accident injuries tend to be multiple and severe.

At Breslin & Breslin, our experience proving and resolving claims for brain trauma, spinal cord injury and severe fractures means that your demand for compensation will include detailed evidence as to the full range of your losses.

We Take Care Of The Insurance Claims After A Motorcycle Accident

Our Hackensack motorcycle accident attorneys also know how to deal with the insurance coverage problems that can sometimes complicate both your immediate treatment under your own policy and your access to the other driver’s liability insurance.

A Tradition Of Proven Results

Breslin & Breslin has a tradition of legal service to northern New Jersey that goes back to 1936. To learn how our experience and commitment to our clients can benefit you in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, contact us in Hackensack for a free consultation with one of our trial lawyers.

Proven Results Since 1936