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Unsafe Roads Can Lead To Catastrophic Injuries

Does an accident victim have any legal recourse after a motor vehicle accident caused — not by another driver’s negligence — but by conditions of the road itself?

Dangerous roads can cause car accidents, and if the dangerous condition resulted from negligence on the part of a government roads agency or a private construction company, then the accident victim may have the legal right to file claims for compensation.

Breslin & Breslin is a New Jersey law firm with extensive experience litigating complex accident cases involving claims of negligence against highway engineers, construction companies or road maintenance authorities. Contact our law firm to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced trial lawyers after a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident caused by road defects.

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Common road defects that may lead to accidents include errors in design and construction, negligent maintenance and inadequate signs. Successful litigation of injury claims based on road defects requires thorough investigation, including examination of the accident scene and consultation with independent experts such as construction engineers and highway engineers.

The Hackensack dangerous roads accident attorneys of Breslin & Breslin have the resources and knowledge to address these types of complex injury claims. We take the necessary time to mount a painstaking investigation into the causes of the accident and the responsible parties, to give our clients the best opportunity of recovering full and fair financial settlements.

Among our successful verdicts and settlements is a $2.5 million recovery on behalf of a pedestrian injured in a knockdown due to a road defect.

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