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Experienced Attorneys For Hospital Errors In New Jersey

In the often fast-paced environment of an emergency room, doctors and nurses must perform swift evaluations of patients’ conditions and make decisions quickly. The margin for error – if there can be any in health care – is very small, so even innocent mistakes can result in serious consequences.

If you have reason to believe that an emergency room error resulted in injury, long-term disability or wrongful death of someone you love, contact Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack to discuss your options in a free initial consultation.

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Like all medical negligence claims, the details of your incident must be reviewed by medical experts who can determine whether actual malpractice occurred. Not all mistakes are the result of negligent actions by your medical team, especially in situations where the patient may have already been in critical condition. ER teams are highly trained to respond quickly to even the slightest changes in symptoms or conditions.

At Breslin & Breslin, we work with top medical specialists to first analyze the facts of your claim to determine if any departure of the recognized standards of emergency room care were involved. If so, we have the resources and trial experience to assist you in protecting your right to compensation.

Our experienced Bergen County attorneys manage emergency room error claims arising from:

  • Improper medical evaluation resulting in the failure to diagnose a serious condition such as a stroke or heart attack
  • Failure to adequately review a patient’s medical history
  • Failure to order the appropriate tests, X-rays or other follow-up reports to accurately diagnose a patient’s condition
  • Misreading X-rays, EKGs or lab reports
  • Failure to consult or ask for further consultation from a specialist
  • Failure to diagnose serious fractures, which can lead to future medical problems

To further discuss your rights in bringing a claim for suspected emergency room errors, contact Breslin & Breslin for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers.

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