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Bedsores In Nursing Homes

When a nursing home resident suffers bedsores or pressure ulcers, the cause is almost always neglect on the part of nursing home staff. Bedsores develop from not being repositioned or moved in a bed or chair on a frequent enough basis. And, they are worsened by malnutrition and dehydration, which deprives the body of essential nutrients.

Developing a bedsore can weaken the body’s availability to fight off other infections and diseases. It could be the beginning of even more serious complications.

At Breslin & Breslin, in Hackensack, we know how to investigate nursing home staffing charts, medical records and living conditions. We can tell if a patient has been neglected, and we know how to identify signs of bedsores. Our attorneys have decades of experience pursuing medical negligence claims, and we work closely with elder care experts in these cases.

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If you noticed a loved one seems uncomfortable, lethargic or irritated in the nursing home, something serious could be very wrong. Bedsores are preventable, but they can develop quickly. A nursing home resident might think nothing of it at first, but it will eventually develop into an open sore. If it is not cared for immediately, infection could lead to other ailments, amputation and even death.

Our Bergen County-based attorneys are proactive in nursing home neglect cases throughout northern New Jersey. We are prepared to represent your best interests and to help you ensure that your loved one receives top-quality medical care. We hold responsible parties accountable and work to mitigate the effects of nursing home neglect across New Jersey.

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