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Medication Errors Can Lead To Serious Consequences

An estimated 400,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors.* A significant percentage of these unnecessary deaths – and countless more debilitating injuries – result from medication errors.

Sadly, many medication errors occur in hospitals, where patients seeking treatment instead end up leaving in far worse condition than when they arrived. Nursing staff have a vital duty to administer the right medication in the right dose to the right patient. Hospital pharmacists and attending physicians may also be responsible when something goes wrong.

Hospital Negligence Leading To Errors

The hospital itself is generally legally responsible for the negligence of its staff. Hospital negligence – such as inadequate supervision, negligent hiring or insufficient training – may also contribute to medication errors.

The frightening repercussions of such mistakes can last a lifetime. Wrong dosages or improper administration may inflict long-term damage to the patient’s vital organs. Overlooked drug interactions can also lead to life-threatening complications. For some, the effects are fatal.

Don’t Let Society Turn A Blind Eye Toward Inexcusable Errors

At Breslin & Breslin, P.A., our legal team takes a strong stance against inexcusable medical errors. We have won seven- and eight-figure awards for patients who suffered harm in the health care system. Our hope is that, by exposing such injustices, we can prevent other patients from going through the same ordeal.

During a free consultation, we will give you upfront advice about the strength of your potential claim against the hospital and its staff. Our legal team includes a lawyer who is also a registered nurse. If you proceed with the claim, our attorneys will enlist the assistance of top medical experts to build the most convincing case possible for you and your loved ones.

We obtained $600,000 on behalf of the family of a patient who suffered fatal consequences from a dangerous medication interaction.

The next step is simple: Call 201-546-5881 (toll free 866-986-2056) or contact us online to discuss your case. Based in Hackensack, New Jersey, we represent victims of medical malpractice throughout Bergen County and beyond.

*Source: John T. James, Ph.D, “A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care,” Journal of Patient Safety (September 2013).

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