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The Devastating Results Of A Swimming Pool Accident

While many swimming pool injuries might center on slips, trips and falls due to a combination of lack of signage, poor maintenance or broken tiles, serious consequences such as a fatal drowning or limited brain function due to prolonged lack of oxygen can dramatically impact the entire family.

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Breslin & Breslin is a reputable New Jersey law firm whose personal injury trial lawyers have a long record of obtaining significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of injury victims and their families. Our law firm was founded in 1936, and today our attorneys continue to provide legal services founded on the principles of excellent customer service, ethical advocacy and skillful representation.

We recovered a $1 million settlement for a young man who broke his neck diving off a dock into shallow water. The property owners did not warn the young man that the water was shallow, and other signs indicated that the water was deep enough for diving. The accident resulted in catastrophic injury — the young man is now paralyzed from the waist down and must use a wheelchair. We filed suit against the property owners and other defendants.

Swimming Pool And Dock Accidents Have Many Possible Causes

  • If a private swimming pool has inadequate fencing to keep out children, then the swimming pool owners may be responsible.
  • If a swimming pool at a hotel or public park has inadequate “no lifeguard” warning signs or lacks fencing or locks to keep out unaccompanied children, the owner of the premises may be responsible.
  • If an adult or child is injured in a swimming pool due to a defective piece of swimming pool equipment such as a drain, then the company that designed or manufactured the equipment may have legal liability.
  • If negligent supervision by a babysitter or teacher results in the drowning death of a child, then that individual may be held legally responsible.

At Breslin & Breslin, our clients receive compassionate service from highly proficient trial attorneys. We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Hackensack swimming pool accident lawyer to learn more about our law firm and get information about your legal options. Call 201-546-5881, or send an email.

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