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Recovering Damages For Injuries Caused By Defective Products

A dangerous or defective product can malfunction leading to devastating injuries. From power tools to furniture to toys, consumers face injury due to poor construction, faulty wiring or the reliance on substandard materials. Contact Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack for a free consultation about the strength of your claim for compensation.

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The personal injury lawyers of Breslin & Breslin handle all kinds of defective products cases — those involving manufacturing defects, design defects and failure to warn. We represent clients with claims for permanent, disabling or fatal injuries caused by defective products. Examples include:

  • Automotive products, including seat belts, air bags, tires or roof assemblies
  • Household goods such as heaters, kitchen appliances or cleaning products
  • Power tools or garden equipment
  • Industrial equipment such as presses, extruders, compressors, drills or cutting machines
  • Unsafe supermarket or restaurant foods
  • Dangerous medical or pharmaceutical products

Your lawyer’s job is to prove that you were injured by the product, that it was unreasonably dangerous or defective under the circumstances, and that you will need compensation to fully cover the cost of your treatment and recovery, your future losses and medical needs, and your pain and suffering. When necessary, we will call upon industry experts to provide strong testimony.

In defective design cases, we will strive to prove as well that a safer product alternative could have been manufactured and sold at minimal additional cost.

Breslin & Breslin settled a products liability lawsuit for $2.08 million after we showed that design defects were the cause of a young girl’s extensive burns in an accident involving an electric kitchen wok.

We represent consumers, workers, drivers and others who suffered severe injuries throughout northern New Jersey. For more information about our ability to advise and represent you in a products liability case, contact Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack.

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