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New Jersey mother sues school for son’s wrongful death

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2012 | Wrongful Death

The mother of a New Jersey boy who took his own life after enduring bullying and threats from schoolmates is reportedly suing his school district for wrongful death, claiming that district officials did not do enough to stop the bullying and protect her son.

According to court officials, the 15-year-old boy’s mother filed pre-paperwork for a wrongful death lawsuit in Morris County, which is about 30 miles from Hackensack. In her filing, the mother wrote that “The death of [the boy] was caused by a wrongful act, neglect or default. [The mother] is suing the Morris School District Board of Ed, etal.”

It was in March that the boy took his own life at his home. Earlier that month, the boy was assaulted at Morristown High School and robbed and terrorized in the parking garage of a New Jersey shopping center.

Earlier this week, the Morris County prosecutor announced that three of the boy’s classmates had been charged in connection with the alleged bullying. Two of the students are 17 and one is 19. According to court documents, one of the three was suspended from school for assaulting the boy. Later, the other two robbed the boy in the parking garage, stating that it was “payback” for their friend’s suspension. The three students are facing various criminal charges including theft, robbery, terroristic threats, false swearing, and conspiracy to commit theft and robbery.

School district officials have not commented on the pending wrongful death lawsuit.

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