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What causes car accidents to occur?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Car Accidents

A motor vehicle accident may result in property damage, serious injuries or even death. However, understanding the reasons why car accidents happen on New Jersey roads and highways might make it easier to minimize your risk of being involved in one. Human error accounts for a majority of crashes while poor road design or maintenance is another common cause of motor vehicle wrecks.

Distracted driving is dangerous

Distracted driving occurs whenever you do something that takes your full focus off the road. Common distractions include taking your hands off of the steering wheel to grab something to eat or taking your eyes off of the road to glance at a passenger. Getting lost in thought while your car is in motion is also a form of distracted driving as you can’t process information properly while doing so.

Impaired driving increases crash risk

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol will also make it harder to process information. Therefore, an impaired driver may be more likely to run a stop sign or a red light. Impaired motorists are also more likely to have trouble maintaining their lanes or driving at a reasonable speed, which is another common cause of vehicular accidents. In addition to potentially causing motor vehicle accidents, motorists may face fines, jail time or other penalties for driving while drunk or impaired by drugs.

How poor maintenance causes accidents

If a road is poorly maintained, you may swerve to avoid potholes or other hazards. It’s also possible for bushes or other items to obscure stop signs or other traffic control devices. A lack of lighting may also increase the risk of a crash while traveling at night or during other periods of low natural light.

If a car crash results in injuries, you may receive compensation for that and damage to your vehicle. Witness statements or video footage may prove that the wreck was caused by another person’s negligence or poor road conditions.

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