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High Chairs Recalled After Reports of Breaking, Children Falling

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | (client-fulfilled) Product Liability

Restaurant owners and diners with young children were recently put on notice after multiple high chairs broke with children in them, prompting a recall.

The recall involves 22,400 Lancaster Table & Seating brand High Chairs n the U.S., in addition to about 52 sold in Canada, according to a Feb. 23 notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The notice said Clark Associates, based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, received “three reports of high chairs breaking while in use and children falling.” However, no injuries were reported.

The high chairs have black, mahogany, natural, or walnut finishes and were sold in either assembled or ready-to-assemble form, the CPSC said.

Only high chairs manufactured in China are impacted by the recall. “Made in China” or “made in ____” is printed on the warning label found on the front of the seatback and on the product label found on the underside of the seat bottom, consumer safety officials said. The model number is printed on the label on the underside of the seat bottom.

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