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Do you have work at one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Blog, Personal Injury

Workers in New Jersey work in a range of industries. Many of the most dangerous jobs in the state and across the country cause serious injuries that result in workers needing to file for workers’ compensation. Although injuries can occur at any job, certain jobs cause more injuries than others.

Structural iron and steel workers

Construction companies need skilled tradesmen, such as iron and steel workers, to complete these projects. Unfortunately, the conditions of these jobs often leads to death, severe injury and the need to file for workers’ compensation.


The New Jersey Forest Service employs many loggers. Unfortunately, loggers have the highest death rate among all jobs throughout the U.S. These fatalities often occur due to transportation, heavy equipment and power tools.


A roofer must contend with very dangerous conditions thanks to the constantly changing weather in New Jersey. The chance that a roofer might fall or trip on the job could result in a severe or fatal accident.

Fishing jobs

Many workers in New Jersey love working on the water and pride themselves in working in the fishing industry. Unfortunately, the occupation faces high fatality rates due to the potential harm they face on boats.

Waste collectors

Everyone in New Jersey owes a debt to the hard work of waste collectors. Not only do these workers provide a valuable service, but they also face potential harm while doing it. The greatest cause of harm and fatality to these workers is vehicle crashes.

Many of these dangerous occupations offer a work environment that makes employees love their jobs. No matter how much you love your workplace, you should always remember that workers’ compensation protects employees financially after an injury.

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