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Car crashes and why they happen

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

New Jersey commuters may worry about joining the growing list of national vehicle accident statistics. Drivers might find themselves trying to dodge any of the common collisions that occur routinely. For some, learning more about how and why road accidents occur could help them avoid a collision.

Types of accidents

Rear-end, frontal, sideswipe, and T-bone crashes may all result in someone suffering injuries. An investigation after an accident might reveal negligence led to the collision.

Drunk driving continues to cause catastrophic accidents throughout the state. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol may suffer from poor perception and reduced reaction time, increasing their potential to cause a crash. Persons who take prescription or OTC medications might also be too impaired to drive.

Distracted driving leads to many avoidable accidents. The increased presence of technology in motor vehicles contributes to such incidents. And traditional bad behaviors, such as rubbernecking or eating while driving, might contribute to collisions.

Speeding is reckless behavior, and speeding drivers put others at risk. The same may apply to other ill-advised and illegal moving violations. Even poor maintenance can lead to a crash.

Other victims

Motor vehicle accidents do not involve drivers and passengers exclusively. Pedestrians may suffer harm from a vehicle collision. A pedestrian may have the right of way to cross a street, but a reckless driver could go through a red light or make an illegal turn. If a pedestrian suffers any harm from the driver’s behavior, the pedestrian may sue.

Similarly, drivers who hurt bicyclists by their negligent behavior might face a lawsuit. Not looking out for bicyclists when making turns or pulling out of parking spots might cause injuries. Even opening a car’s door without checking could injure a bicyclist.

Defensive driving skills may help someone avoid an accident. However, reckless behaviors could make accidents unavoidable.

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