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Driving in the fall

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Driving safely during the fall season in New Jersey requires effort. Many seasonal issues could undermine the ability to drive safely, and unexpected problems might cause risks. Proper preparedness may help a driver avoid some troubles associated with fall conditions.

Getting ready for the fall driving season

As summer changes to fall, the weather becomes cooler and leaves start to dry and drift from trees. Leaves and twigs and other debris may find their way to the road’s surface, causing hazards. Things could worsen during rainfall, and there could be significant rain in the months preceding winter. Perhaps drivers should adjust their behavior on the road and possibly purchase tires with better traction. Speeding or committing moving violations under such conditions is unwise.

The fall’s climate causes unique conditions. Fog could roll in during fall, undermining visibility. Making adjustments to how one drives in the fog could save a life.

Temperatures may vary during the fall since its sandwiched between summer and winter. A temperature drop after a spurt of rain might result in icy roads. Such conditions might add danger to a routine commute.

Other notes about fall weather driving

Routine maintenance may prevent motor vehicle accidents. Checking tire pressure is not difficult and proves recommended when concerned about traction and blowouts. A thorough service inspection could uncover problems that might cause trouble.

Other simple steps may include keeping the windshield clean. A clean windshield may be less at risk for glares, and the sun’s glare might make it harder to see.

Yes, fall brings many concerns. When the school season starts, drivers need to be additionally careful when traveling through school zones. A minor distraction might lead to a regrettable accident when driving past a school. Remember, accidents could result in lawsuits.

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