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Pedestrian accidents on New Jersey highways

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Car Accidents

Pedestrian accidents on New Jersey roadways bring tremendous burdens to families. Pedestrians are obliged to safely engage in high-speed traffic and only engage when it’s safe. Motorists might unexpectedly encounter a pedestrian at an exit or highway and must prepare to avoid a collision. Pedestrians frequently use roads to their destinations and must be considered while driving at high rates of speed.

Motorists don’t think that highways are meant for pedestrians. Vehicles above 50 mph don’t anticipate pedestrians, and some laws regulate pedestrians on roadways, but they still have the right to use them. Drivers must yield to pedestrians and allow safe road crossing. Pedestrians mainly use highways to get to the other side and generally don’t travel on highways for long stretches.

Pedestrians on highways

Motorists often see pedestrians after an accident. Visibility is a primary issue in pedestrian accidents on or near highways. Most of these accidents happen after dark and suddenly before the driver has time to stop. Highway walkers are people who might be experiencing mental challenges and random thoughts of self-harm. Others might believe crossing the highway is the safest and best way to reach their destination.

Some pedestrians might be at work and get hit on the highway. Drivers might be repairing a flat tire or other car repairs. Someone might be standing on the side of the road waiting to cross and get hit by a motorist pulling over the shoulder off the roadway. Modern vehicles have sensors to alert drivers of obstacles, but the driver must be watchful and drive cautiously.

Pedestrian highway accidents solutions

Walking and driving are a challenging blend. The rate of speed and travel is very different. Drivers might agree that highways are not meant for pedestrians, but the law says different. Pedestrians must obey traffic laws on highways and would benefit from choosing an alternative route. If a pedestrian accident occurs, accurate reporting makes a significant difference.

Exchange information if possible and seek medical treatment if needed after a pedestrian accident. Pedestrians have the legal right to access highways; if injured, they also have the right to justice and compensation.

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