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The deadly dangers of amusement park rides

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Wrongful Death

A trip to an amusement park typically comes with enthusiasm for enjoyment and fun. Sadly, there are incidents where amusement ride adventures turn into tragic mishaps. New Jersey residents and visitors may wish to be mindful of rides known for their dangers, but many may feel lulled into thinking things will be fine. A tragic incident that occurred in Orlando might change people’s minds about how safe amusement park rides are.

A high-profile amusement park ride death

In March, a 14-year-old boy died after an Orlando amusement park’s horrible and unexpected incident. The young person was one of many people who ventured onto a “drop tower ride,” also known as a “free-fall ride.” Such rides have been popular for many years, although many amusement park attendees might be leery of them.

Granted, untold numbers of visitors to amusement parks will take part in such rides without any problems. However, park management must stay on top of maintenance and other issues to make sure no one gets hurt.

News video footage preceding the Florida incident notes passengers complaining about seat restraint issues. Weak seat restraints could fail when needed on a dangerous ride.

Amusement parks and wrongful death

Mechanical and maintenance problems may lead to disaster at an amusement park ride. Incidents of people falling off roller coasters appear in the news periodically. The reports commonly cite fatalities since such accidents cause terrible injuries. Wrongful death lawsuits may then result.

If the amusement park’s management or employees failed to keep the rides safe for passengers, surviving family members might have a credible lawsuit. Management and workers have a duty to care for visitors on their rides.

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