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Brain injuries could lead to devastating harm

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Blog, Personal Injury

A car accident could leave drivers, passengers, and in some cases pedestrians suffering injuries. Not all injuries are minor, even though they may appear less serious than assumed. In particular, someone could suffer a concussion and not know it until days later. New Jersey drivers need to feel concerned about possible brain injuries, considering the risks of such harm.

Brain injuries after car collisions

Car crashes leading to brain injuries sometimes result in tragedy. Data reveals that thousands of people die from brain injuries annually, and 14% of all brain injuries happen in car accidents. Depending on the force and other factors, the impact could cause a minor concussion or a fractured skull.

Studies of traumatic brain injuries could provide physicians with improved ways of caring for TBI sufferers. The information might help devise preventive assistance, including safety modifications in future vehicles. Unfortunately, data and research have their limits. Safety improvements to vehicles cannot stop reckless drivers from taking to the roads.

Negligence and car accidents

Many drivers who suffer traumatic brain injuries and other harm did so because of someone’s negligence. A drunk driver who goes through a red light could cause significant harm and face a personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit might be the only way to recover the costs derived from the victim’s injuries.

Intoxicated driving represents one way another driver could be negligent. Other possible reasons are distracted driving, operating an unsafe vehicle, and committing a moving violation. And another driver might not be the only person capable of causing a crash. Bicyclists and even pedestrians could also cause a collision.

Medical bills and rehabilitation are two costs a victim may incur. A victim could become permanently unable to work due to injuries. Litigation might provide a way to recover such devastating losses.

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