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Drink mixes recalled over potential metal and glass fragments

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Blog, Injuries

New Jersey residents don’t expect to suffer injuries from their food or drinks. However, there was recently a recall of popular drink mixes over glass or metal fragments in them. You should know which products are involved in the recall and what to do if you have one in your home.

What products were recalled?

Recently, Kraft Heinz issued a recall for some of its popular drink mixes. According to a warning from the FDA, the products have the potential of glass and metal fragments. This is a serious issue that could lead to people suffering severe harm if they drink any of these mixes and they happen to be contaminated by fragments.

A number of mixed drink products were included in the recall. A few of them include Country Time Lemonade, Arizona Tea, Tang and Kool Aid. These products have expiration dates of May 2023, August 2023, September 2023 and November 2023.

How can consumers be safe?

Due to the potential contamination and serious injuries consumers can suffer if they ingest metal or glass fragments, Kraft Heinz states that consumers should either return the products to the stores where they bought them or throw them away.

For questions or concerns about how consumers can remain safe, call (855) 713-9237 on a weekday between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM EST. Consumers can also inquire about whether the product they have in their kitchen is included in the recall and find out how they can receive a refund.

The recall occurred after Kraft Heinz conducted a review of the processing plant where the production of the drink mixes took place. It also plans on removing more of the products from stores as it works with retailers to locate them.

This is a serious product recall that should be taken seriously. To avoid potentially serious and even life-threatening injuries, if you have any of these products in your home, get rid of them.

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