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Is safety technology helpful to younger drivers?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

Teen drivers may find themselves paying more for insurance because youth means less experience behind the wheel. Young individuals aren’t the only ones who find themselves involved in traffic accidents in New Jersey, but teens and twenty-somethings may not always be the safest drivers on the road. One benefit that young drivers have these days is access to advanced safety technology. Modern safety technology can do its part in helping younger individuals stay safe while commuting.

Younger drivers and safety tech

Staying inside a lane helps prevent accidents. A driver of any age may unknowingly drift out of a lane, increasing the chances of a collision. When a vehicle comes with a lane-change warning, an alert may catch a driver’s attention. A person who gets lost listening to music when driving might find that a lane-change warning prevents a disaster.

That’s only one example of how crash-avoidance technology might work. Other tech features in a car could contribute to dramatically fewer accidents. Research conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute shows that crash-avoidance technology reduces accident claims by about 50%.

Not every accident results only in property damage, which is why the crash reduction statistics are encouraging. A cross-traffic alert could help a driver avoid a fatal collision at an intersection, for example.

Safety technology only lends an assist

Drivers of any age may find safety technology valuable, but this value has its limits as safety technology won’t compensate for dangerous behavior. Relying on safety tech to avoid motor vehicle accidents while engaging in distracted driving or speeding is both risky and negligent.

Young individuals should drive carefully and avoid moving violations. Otherwise, even the best safety technology may not prevent an accident or resulting lawsuit.

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