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New technology can help drivers remain safer on the road

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents

Truck drivers spend hours at a time on the road in New Jersey and across the country, and they may find themselves feeling too tired to safely drive or getting distracted while they are traveling from one location to another. Because of this, new technology called SmartSense has been developed to combat things like drowsiness and distracted driving. Here’s more information about it and why it’s so important.

SmartSense gives drivers immediate feedback

SmartSense uses a platform that sends in-cab feedback to drivers. It will alert the driver if it appears that they are drowsy or distracted. The program uses a variety of sensors to detect things like a driver’s head position and gaze to determine whether their eyelids are fully open and whether their eyes are on their phone instead of on the road. In addition to all of this, the platform alerts drivers if they are going too fast or parked in a location that isn’t safe.

How new technology can decrease accidents

Drowsy or distracted driving is the cause of numerous auto accidents every year. The SmartSense platform can lessen the likelihood of a truck driver getting in an accident. Because it provides real-time feedback to drivers, the driver can pull over immediately if they are too drowsy to continue driving. Many truck drivers do find themselves distracted when they are behind the wheel, but they might not realize how much these distractions affect their driving until it is too late. The SmartSense platform helps drivers recognize when they have become distracted before they cause an accident.

When a truck driver is not fully concentrating on the roadways, it creates a dangerous situation for everyone. With this new technology, more drivers can remain safer on the road and avoid accidents.

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