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What hazards frequently occur at workplaces?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Blog, Personal Injury

New Jersey employers may go to significant steps to make sure their workplace remains safe. Despite their best efforts, workers may suffer injuries. And then, there are instances where employer negligence factored into the accident. Employees, independent contractors, and even visitors may feel concerned about potential injuries. Knowing some common hazards and harms could assist with their prevention.

Typical injuries at work sites

Industrial settings and construction sites might bring a great many hazards. Even something as commonplace as a ladder comes with injury risks. People may fall off ladders or drop things. And then there might be issues with damaged or otherwise dangerous ladders.

Machinery brings forth some risks. Operating machinery could lead to severe injuries if something goes wrong. Fires and electrical hazards may hang over some machinery like dark clouds. Special guarding could help reduce injuries, but machinery guarding needs to be in place and properly secured to work efficiently.

Is everyone on the job certified to handle certain duties? Some vehicles and machines require certification to operate. Allowing uncertified, dubiously qualified persons to perform such responsibilities could put many people at risk.

Mitigating injuries and accidents

Employers might find value in taking steps designed to reduce the potential for injuries. Slip-and-fall accidents could happen at any workplace, and cleaning spills without delays may prove advisable.

Instituting comprehensive safety training could cut down on injuries, and failing to provide training might be negligent behavior. Not providing workers with proper safety equipment may be an even more egregious example of neglect. The same may be said of not repairing or replacing damaged tools and equipment.

Horseplay and deliberate injuries might open all kinds of legal disasters for an employer. Such behaviors go beyond simple negligence.

Workers’ compensation might not be the only way to recover losses after a workplace calamity. A personal injury lawsuit may be possible under some circumstances. Anyone suffering an injury at work could speak to an attorney about their options.

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