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Drowsy drivers and drunk drivers pose similar dangers

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents

Drunk drivers are only one example of the dangers on New Jersey roads. When drivers are fatigued or just too tired, they can be unsafe behind the wheel. In fact, drowsy drivers can pose some of the same dangers that drunk drivers create, including an elevated risk of motor vehicle accidents.

How are drowsy drivers dangerous on the roads?

Drowsy drivers may be more dangerous than other drivers on the road because fatigue increases driving reaction times. A person who lacks sufficient rest may need more time to react to a changing situation around them when they are tired. Driving often depends on being able to respond and adjust to a danger in the blink of an eye. When drowsy drivers take more time to react, motor vehicle accidents may occur.

Accidents that involve drowsy drivers

When a car accident occurs because of a drowsy driver, the driver may be legally liable for the damages that result. A person may get behind the wheel only when they can do so in a safe manner. If a person has reason to believe that they are too fatigued to operate safely, choosing to get behind the wheel anyways may create legal liability.

The state of New Jersey uses a comparative fault system to apportion legal fault after a car accident. When a person is driving while they are too tired to operate safely, they may be partially or wholly to blame for an accident. The victim may have an injury claim for the damages that result.

Drowsy driving accidents

Understanding the dangers of drowsy driving can help you respond appropriately when an accident occurs. Drivers should be aware that drowsy driving may contribute to an accident. If an accident occurs, the victim should examine drowsy driving as a potential cause and grounds for fault.

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