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Don’t drive without understanding the dangers of HAZMAT trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Truck Accident

All drivers in New Jersey should know the dangers of HAZMAT trucks to keep themselves safe in case an accident occurs. You should share the information with your loved ones too so that they know what to do if they are in an accident involving a HAZMAT truck.

Crushing weight

The sheer size and weight alone of a HAZMAT truck is dangerous. It’s six times heavier than the average car, which is why motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks are often deadly or result in serious injuries.

Hazardous materials

HAZMAT stands for hazardous materials. Because HAZMAT trucks are carrying dangerous chemicals, a collision with one of these trucks is even riskier than with a regular semi-truck. Depending on what substance the HAZMAT truck is carrying, an explosion or fire may occur. Other dangers are harm from radiation, chemical burns and poisons.

Immediately get out of the car

You should exit the vehicle and get as far away from the HAZMAT truck as possible in case an explosion occurs. Explosive materials sometimes have a delay. If you’re unable to get out of the car, the truck driver should give you protective gear, such as a gas mask or a burn-resistant suit. The truck driver is also responsible for doing their best to contain spills.

Once you have moved yourself to safety, you need to call the emergency number to have the hazardous materials properly contained as soon as possible. If your skin has come into contact with the substance, you need to see a doctor as well. In the case of radioactive material, it doesn’t even have to touch your skin to cause illness or injury.

Stay extra alert whenever you see a HAZMAT truck on the road. The hazardous materials they carry pose a serious risk to you and the environment. Also, inform your children of the dangers of these vehicles so that they know what to do if an accident occurs.

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