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Is asthma underdiagnosed?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Failure To Diagnose

A recent study has revealed that many people in New Jersey might have been mistakenly diagnosed with asthma. While asthma may have been overdiagnosed in other areas, it might have been underdiagnosed in others. Since asthma is a complex condition with no official diagnostic test, many people who seek treatment for breathing problems might be receiving the wrong diagnosis.

Is asthma underdiagnosed or overdiagnosed?

In 2017, researchers studied over 600 people who had been diagnosed with asthma. The study found that over 200 people didn’t actually have the disease. The study suggests that thousands of people might have been misdiagnosed over the years, which could lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. Additionally, many people might be receiving treatment for a disease that they don’t actually have.

However, one doctor believes that asthma is both overdiagnosed and underdiagnosed. She points out that asthma is difficult to diagnose since there’s no definite test and the symptoms can vary. As a result, some people might have asthma but never get a proper diagnosis. This can lead to health problems later in life, as well as lawsuits for physicians.

Experts have also pointed out that asthma can go into remission, which makes getting a diagnosis even more complicated. Some people can have symptoms for years, then have their symptoms suddenly stop for no apparent reason. As a result, they might not be diagnosed with the disease. They also pointed out that some of the people in the study might actually have asthma, but weren’t showing symptoms because they were in remission.

What can you do if you’ve suffered from medical malpractice?

You can’t get back the time that you lost, but an attorney could help you sue your physician for medical malpractice and receive compensation for your damages. Medical malpractice can include a failure to diagnose as well as a misdiagnosis.

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