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What to expect after being hurt in a crash

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Car Accidents

A car accident could result in broken bones, a concussion or internal injuries. Furthermore, you could experience mental distress after being involved in a wreck. Let’s take a look at how a New Jersey medical professional may choose to treat these and other injuries you incur in the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision.

How a head injury will likely be treated

If you experience a mild concussion or another type of head injury, you will likely be asked to rest and refrain from activities that require you to concentrate. Typically, concussion symptoms will subside in about two to three weeks assuming that you follow your doctor’s treatment plan. However, it can take several months to get over symptoms from a serious head injury. You might need surgery or other types of immediate treatment if you are diagnosed with bleeding underneath your skull.

How to treat back or spinal injuries after a car crash

A spinal injury could result in limited mobility or other issues that may only be resolved through surgery. Surgery could also be needed to repair strained or torn ligaments or muscles in your back. While it can take up to four months to recover from back surgery, minor injuries such as a ligament strain could require several days or weeks for recovery.

Internal bleeding should be monitored carefully

If your doctor suspects that you have experienced internal bleeding, it might be necessary to have surgery to put a stop to it. However, if you’re only experiencing a minor bleed, your physician might wait to see if the problem will go away on its own before suggesting that you see a surgeon.

After a car accident, it’s often a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney. An attorney could help you pursue compensation for medical bills or other damages that you incurred in the crash. This can make it easier to pay bills or otherwise maintain a reasonable standard of living while recovering.

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