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Understanding the link between ovarian cysts and ovarian cancers

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Doctor Errors

Medicine is one of the most serious professions. At times, it’s literally life and death. That’s why medical providers need to be well-trained and take their work seriously. People in New Jersey deserve medical care of the highest standard. When malpractice occurs due to negligence or ignorance, it’s simply not acceptable.

Data interpretation matters

One of the most important steps in medical care is diagnosis. An incorrect or late diagnosis can have a serious impact for a patient’s health. That’s especially true for diseases like ovarian cancer that can spread over time. Misinterpreting an image of an unusual growth can mean years of life lost. Doctors must keep up with recent developments in diagnostics.

Medical knowledge is always evolving. For example, ovarian cysts are frequently detected by ultrasound. Recent research has shown that even simple ovarian cysts are linked to ovarian cancers later down the road. This study was performed by Kaiser Permanente in Washington State. It looked at a large cohort of women who had pelvic ultrasounds over a decade. Data from over 70,000 patients were included in the study, which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

In the study, the most common kind of cyst linked to cancers was a complex cystic mass. Simple cysts also predicted the occurrence of cancer, but at a lower rate. Not all cysts create symptoms. Some doctors are still divided about how to proceed when there’s an asymptomatic cyst. Many expect to keep a watchful waiting strategy.

People who suspect their doctor committed medical malpractice should contact an experienced attorney. Cases of negligence or gross incompetence are unacceptable to the court system. Patients and their loved ones can receive damages for pain, loss of life and suffering.

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