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Injuries that show themselves days after a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Personal Injury

New Jersey residents involved in car accidents might not feel any pain in the moments after the accident. The lack of pain is often due to elevated levels of adrenaline, and the individual involved in the accident feels lucky to escape the situation without injury. These accident victims often head home instead of making a trip to a local hospital, but that doesn’t mean they are not injured.

It is possible for a personal injury sustained in a car accident to not show itself for a few days. One of the most common delayed car accident injuries is whiplash. These injuries are familiar to drivers and passengers in a car that suffers rear-end damage. Individuals who experience car wrecks should seek medical attention once pain becomes noticeable in the neck or shoulder.

Low back pain is another injury that can conceal itself for days after a car accident. These injuries occur during rear-end accidents and indicate that a muscle, ligament or nerve in the back has suffered damage.

A headache in the wake of an accident could be the result of stress. However, accident victims should seek medical attention to rule out conditions like concussions or blood clots. Blurred vision, sensitivity to light and dizziness are other symptoms related to concussions.

Sometimes, car accident victims begin to feel tingling and numbness in their arms and hands in the days after the accident. These symptoms are often a sign of trouble in the neck or spinal column. Accident victims should also seek medical attention if they experience swelling or pain after a car accident.

In addition to the physical injuries that can show themselves after an accident, a person involved with a car crash can also suffer the effects of post-traumatic stress. This disorder can cause patients to experience nightmares, increased anxiety and flashbacks. There is no quick cure for PTSD, so victims who experience any of the above symptoms should speak to a professional as soon as possible after the accident.

More than a few accident victims have walked away from a crash with thoughts that they are perfectly fine only to suffer the symptoms of injury sometime later. People injured in a car accident might have an easier time securing the compensation they deserve by working with a personal injury attorney.

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