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Most Americans uneasy about self-driving vehicles

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Car Accidents

Car safety technology has been behind many car crashes in New Jersey, as drivers, relying too much on features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, become inattentive to the road. It’s understandable, then, that many drivers are uneasy about the next step automakers want to take in car technology: namely, self-driving cars.

AAA survey finds Americans apprehensive

In January 2020, AAA surveyed U.S. adults on the subject of self-driving cars, and only 12% said they would feel safe in one. Respondents were able to share their thoughts, though, on what would relieve their doubts about self-driving cars.

There were four things that most respondents wanted to see. First was the ability for drivers to take control if something goes wrong with the car (72%), followed closely by the presence of a human back-up driver (69%). Forty-seven percent said they would be reassured if the cars were to pass stringent inspections and testing. Forty-two percent said they want to see or participate in a demonstration before entering such a vehicle.

The need for more tangible information

AAA says that automakers need to better educate consumers on the key issues facing self-driving cars. Survey respondents brought up several of these issues. For example, 57% wondered about liability in the case of an accident with a self-driving car, and 51% desired to know what laws would be put in place to make these cars safe. Forty-nine percent were concerned that the cars might easily be hacked into.

An attorney working in personal injury law

The accident you were in may not have been with a self-driving car, but perhaps it involved technology in some way. As stated above, drivers can become complacent with the safety features on their semi-autonomous cars and cause a crash through sheer inattention. If you incurred a serious injury, you may want a lawyer to evaluate the situation and see how the other side’s negligence can be proven. If you file a claim and it’s successful, you may be compensated for losses like medical expenses, vehicle repair costs and pain and suffering.

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