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Back pain after a car crash can signal serious issues

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Firm News

A person who is involved a car accident might have back pain after the wreck. Many people will have nothing more than muscle soreness from the impact. However, pain in this area can sometimes signal a serious injury. Seeing a doctor after the crash can help determine what you need to do as your body heals from the incident.

Don’t expect that your back will hurt at the scene of the accident. You might not feel the stiffness until the next morning or even a few days after. If you do realize that you have any pain, having an evaluation must be a priority.

Neck injuries

One injury that is commonly associated with car wrecks is whiplash. It causes stiffness and pain in the neck that can make it difficult to function normally. You might not be able to move your neck like usual because of the pain. Symptoms can start within a few days of the crash, and they can continue for months. Surgery is sometimes necessary to address this injury. Neck pain might be due to an injury in the cervical spine, which requires emergency medical care.

Back injuries

Pain and stiffness in the back can come from pulled muscles, spinal injuries or damage to the spinal cord. Your doctor can talk to you about your symptoms and evaluate you to determine what’s going on with your back. Minor back pain might go away within a couple of weeks, but you could have long-term issues from more serious injuries.

When a spinal cord injury is present, the person might have lifelong effects. This is often a catastrophic injury. Paralysis and other health conditions can also occur. Surgery is sometimes needed, but once the initial inflammation abates, the person might regain limited function. Spinal shock is the body’s response to the injury, but it can make the impacts of the injury seem worse than they truly are.

No matter what type of injury you suffer in a car wreck, you need to seek medical care. You might then opt to pursue a claim for compensation to hold the liable parties accountable for the damages you suffered. This can include medical bills, lost wages and other monetary expenses. Some individuals might be eligible to include a claim for emotional trauma from the accident.

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