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Some hazards can be especially dangerous for children

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Firm News

Most people don’t think twice about the common dangers that they face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this can be a devastating oversight especially for parents. The hazards that can impact children aren’t ones that might have the same effect on adults. For this reason, parents should have an idea about what they need to be careful of when they are with their kids.

There are a few things that make these dangers more of an issue for children. For one, they don’t have the decision-making skillset that adults have, so they might not realize that something can hurt them. Another factor is that they are still growing, which can mean they suffer injuries to which adults are not as susceptible. In all cases, parents and manufacturers must do their parts to help keep children safe from harm’s way.

Car safety

When you get into the car, your child should be strapped into a car seat or wearing a seat belt. This must be fastened until you reach your destination. There is never a good time for a child to be in a moving vehicle without being strapped in. There are times when the car seat or seat belt is the only thing that keeps the child safe and alive during a crash.

Another important car safety point is that you should never leave your child in the car without you. Closed cars can get hot very quickly during the summer months, and they are likely too cold for children during the frigid New Jersey winters.

Store safety

Stores that have escalators must ensure that they are equipped with safety features that will keep kids safe. Little fingers or toes can get crushed in the moving parts. This could lead to very serious injuries. An automatic stop feature should be present on all escalators that will cause it to come to a halt when there is something jammed in it.

Children should also be kept away from items that might fall on them. By nature, little ones are curious. This can work against their safety because they might try to climb on unsafe displays or go into areas that are hazardous.

When a child is harmed in an accident, getting medical care is a top priority. If the incident was caused by another person’s negligence, the parents might choose to seek compensation. This might be the case if the child is in a car crash or has an accident at a store that could have been prevented through proper safety protocol on the part of the driver or store administration.

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