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How does a spinal cord injury affect the body?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Car Accidents

A serious car wreck can have many different effects on the victims. One of the more serious injuries that might occur is a spinal cord injury. These can change the way that you face daily tasks, sometimes even the ones that you do without thinking on a daily basis.

Many people wonder why injuries to this area of the body are so serious. There are several reasons for this, so trying to minimize these may be beneficial. Knowing a little about the spinal cord can also help you as you evaluate various options that might be present for you during your healing.

What happens when the spinal cord is injured?

The initial injury sets off a series of reactions that occur in the hours and days following the injury. These reactions, which include a reduction in oxygen and a release of chemicals that are toxic, can worsen the damage to the spinal cord. Since the cells of the spinal cord are so specialized, it isn’t possible for them to divide and create new ones. This makes healing very difficult.

How does this injury impact the body?

Since the spinal cord relays messages around the body, including to limbs and internal organs, damage to the spinal cord means that those messages might not be relayed or might be relayed in an altered manner. This makes it difficult for the body to function as it is intended. When you have a spinal cord injury, remember that the areas that are impacted will be lower than the area that’s damaged. A cervical spine, or neck, injury will affect everything from the shoulders to the toes, which makes this a truly devastating situation.

You might choose to seek compensation after a car accident if you have a spinal cord injury, or any other serious injury. This must be done quickly to avoid allowing the time limits for filing passing by without you taking any action.

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