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Types of premises liability that can lead to claims

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Firm News

Most people don’t venture onto another person’s property with the intention of becoming injured. This is one of the reasons why premises liability claims are so important. They give people who are injured in a variety of situations the opportunity to seek compensation for the damages they’ve suffered.

Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests who are invited onto it. The expectation doesn’t extend to trespassers, but it is still a good idea for property owners to create a safe space. This is true for both commercial and residential properties.

Attractive nuisances: An attractive nuisance is something that would pull a child into the area. These things play on the child’s natural curiosity. Machinery, swing sets, swimming pools and similar objects all fall under this category. Property owners should try to secure these items so that children don’t suffer injuries. If a child is injured, there is a chance that the owner will be held liable for the problem.

Slip-and-fall incidents: Whether the ground is slick from water, snow or ice, it is up to the property owner to keep the walking surfaces safe for people who are visiting. Slip-and-fall cases often involve commercial properties like stores. Victims of these incidents can lead to very serious injuries, even though many people will think they are minor problems. Head or spinal cord injuries, broken bones and similar injuries can all occur in these cases.

Swimming pool hazards: You should have your swimming pool properly secured with an appropriate fence that has a self-locking gate. This helps to prevent children from getting into the water when they don’t have suitable adult supervision. State laws do require a barrier for all swimming pools, whether they are residential or commercial.

Dog bites: Dogs pose a unique hazard for visitors of a property. When the dogs are socialized, there isn’t as great of a risk but all dogs can become a danger to humans due to their protective instincts and when humans disrespect a dog’s signals that it is about to bite or attack. Dog bite injuries can be very serious, especially if you consider the challenge of having to combat an infection in the tissues. Medical care is always a good idea if you are attacked by a dog.

In all of these cases, you might opt to seek compensation from the property owner through a premises liability claim. This can help you to cover the monetary expenses that come with these types of accidents.

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