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These injuries are why you must take slip-and-falls seriously

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Uncategorized

Experiencing a slip-and-fall incident often feels embarrassing. For many people, the initial reaction is to see who noticed their little accident and act like they aren’t hurt, even if they feel some aches and pains.

Far too many individuals attempt to brush themselves off and continue with their day as though nothing has happened. However, slip-and-falls can actually lead to serious injuries, some of which have delayed onset symptoms.

Because of the potential severity of the conditions that result from a slip-and-fall, make it a practice to report a fall anytime it happens to you at work or while in a business of any kind.

People can suffer broken bones and soft tissue damage when they slip and fall

While there are many kinds of injuries that can occur in a slip-and-fall, broken bones and soft tissue injuries are some of the more common potential consequences. Most people will attempt to brace themselves or stop the fall once they notice it happening. Sometimes, that can lead to people flailing their limbs and striking nearby vehicles, furniture, walls or fixtures.

The trauma of such a blow can result in broken bones, ranging from fingers to hips. Older adults are particularly at risk for suffering serious broken bones and complications. Even if you don’t break a bone, you may suffer soft tissue injuries as a result of the fall, the impact and your bodily reaction to the process.

Anything from sprains and strains to rotator cuff tears are possible during a slip-and-fall. All of these potential injuries could keep you from working and impact your ability to care for yourself, or even to drive a vehicle.

Head and brain injuries are another concern

Not everyone has time to prepare themselves when they begin to slip. Some people slip directly backward. The end result may be that nothing slows your bodily momentum until your head hits the floor.

Regardless of whether you are in a store or a parking lot, this kind of traumatic impact can cause not just fractures in your skull but brain injuries. The swelling and bruising of your brain can cause a wide range of symptoms, including persistent headaches, sensory issues and even changes in mood or behavior.

The symptoms for brain injuries may not present themselves for several days, much like the symptoms for certain soft tissue injuries. Due to the potential for the delayed onset of the symptoms, you should always err on the side of caution.

If you or someone in your family slips in a parking lot or in a business and falls, always report it to the business owner or property manager to ensure there’s an official record of the incident.

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