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Legal assistance necessary to find justice after a birth injury

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2015 | Birth Injuries

When a baby is born, it is one of the most precious events parents will ever experience. Unfortunately, tragedy can sometimes mar this event, replacing much of the joy with worry and despair. Regardless of the injuries a baby might suffer during birth, parents want the child to survive, live a happy life and prosper. Some birth injuries might be considered mild but others can seriously impede the child’s ability to thrive and to grow.

While birth injuries do not happen all the time, they happen often enough for parents to need an advocate at their side. An attorney familiar with lawsuits involving a birth injury is often the best candidate to fill this role due to his or her prior experience.

Sometimes parents with an infant injured at birth believe it is wrong to consider legal recourse. These parents know that their baby is a gift and they may feel a malpractice lawsuit is inappropriate. However, the attorneys with Bergen County’s Breslin and Breslin law firm have a message for New Jersey families suffering with birth injuries. We want you to know we understand that financial gain is not the issue. We know that money is the last thing on your minds.

However, if everyone who has suffered from some form of medical malpractice fails to act, then the problem will never be resolved. By changing your perspective, we hope you will come to understand that malpractice claims are not strictly about recompense or punishment; rather they are about training medical personnel to always practice due care during every procedure they perform.

We believe in the power of the law to help those who have suffered a preventable injury while under medical care. If you have concerns about how the law works for parents dealing with birth injuries, we encourage you to read more on our firm’s website.

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