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Taking action when surgical errors occur

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2015 | Surgical Errors

Undergoing any kind of surgical procedure can be frightening, especially when you consider how many surgical errors occur in New Jersey and the rest of the nation. Sadly, many people become victims of surgical errors in the United States each year, often caused by negligent or reckless behavior by the medical staff. All types of surgical errors can affect patients, but some are more common than others are. Here are some of the most common surgical mistakes that occur across the country.

— Surgery performed on the wrong site — Leaving surgical instruments or other foreign materials inside the body — Surgery performed on the wrong patient — Improper anesthesia delivery — Improper surgical instrument sanitization techniques — Post-surgical negligence and complications — Perforating vital organs during surgery — Injuring arteries during cardiology procedures — Performing unnecessary surgical procedures

Injuries like these can be devastating and in some cases, even fatal. Medical personnel have a duty to protect their patients and make sure they have done everything possible to help them heal. When physicians or other staff fail to provide even just adequate care, it is both injurious and a terrible breach of trust.

Taking action against the medical facility of the people who perform these procedures will not take away the injury, but it could help you move forward. A successful lawsuit not only provides you with the damages you deserve for your injuries, it also gives you closure by knowing the negligent parties took responsibility for their errors.

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