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Hospitals can be held responsible for staff negligence

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2015 | Hospital Negligence

Medical facilities and hospitals across the nation have become increasingly busy over the last several decades thanks to a growing population. This is just as true in New Jersey cities as it is in larger and more populated areas of the country. Considering the large volume of patients that receive care in these facilities on a daily basis, it is no wonder that hospital mistakes and even negligence occur.

When you stop to think about the massive amount of communication that must transpire between the medical staff it can boggle the mind. Add to that already hectic mix care coordination responsibilities and facility cleanliness and you have a possible recipe for disaster. When it does occur due to honest mistakes or outright negligence, the entire facility can be held responsible. This includes everything from errors made in radiology, lab errors, emergency room mistakes and hospital staff negligence.

Hospitals are also liable if they fail to acquire adequate staff members to handle the demands of the facility. More specifically, the hospital must hire enough staff to handle the facility’s demand and it must also ensure its personnel is qualified and has received the proper training. When a hospital takes on employees that lack training or the ability to perform their jobs properly, patients are at risk for injury or even death. This leaves the hospital vulnerable for litigation.

In simpler terms, hospital corporations can be liable for their own negligence as well as any negligence committed by their employees. This is good news for the consumer public that depends on hospitals for much-needed health care. It means that if the unthinkable does occur, patients have several channels through which to seek damages. Contact a Bergen County attorney to learn more about hospital negligence litigation.

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