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Frozen Beef and Pork Product Recalled In NJ

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2015 | Product Liability

The New Jersey product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin are reporting that a California company has recalled nearly 50,000 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat beef and pork products that may be contaminated with metal fragments.

Unibright Foods, based in Bell Gardens in Los Angeles County, recalled 48,139 pounds of Mishima Sukiyaki Beef and Mishima Gingered Pork, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Thursday.

The USDA said the products were shipped to retailers and institutions in 7 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey and New York.

The beef and pork both bear the establishment number “EST. 1163.” The number is inside the USDA mark of inspection. Package ID numbers are 15069 for the beef and 15059 for the pork.

The beef comes in 2.2-pound packages and was produced between Aug. 12 and Dec. 16, 2014.

The pork comes in 1.7-pound packages and was produced Aug. 5 and Aug. 6, 2014.

The problem was first discovered by an Illinois restaurant, which found a stainless steel wire in the sukiyaki beef product. The restaurant reported it to their distributor, which alerted Unibright.

No one has been injured or gotten sick from eating the products, the USDA said.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of ingesting a food product, legal recourse may be available. The experienced New Jersey product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin can help you file a claim seeking damages for losses including, but not necessarily limited to, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. For a free, no-risk case evaluation call 201-546-5881

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