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Safety Precautions Around the Swimming Pool

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2014 | Personal Injury

The personal injury attorneys at Breslin and Breslin are deeply saddened to hear news this week of a New Jersey swimming pool related death. According to police, an 18 year old Bloomfield man died Tuesday after falling into a coma after nearly drowning in an acquaintance’s South Orange pool. Local news stations report that a friend of the deceased found him at the bottom of the pool on Monday and began yelling for help. The man was then transported to St. Barnabas hospital, but died the following day. Sadly, swimming pool accidents such as this one happen far too frequently in the tri-state area. What makes these terrible accidents even more tragic is that many of them may have been prevented had the pool owners taken the proper safety precautions. 

Often, swimming pool accidents occur when property owners fail to provide adequate protection or security for their pools. Pool and hot tub owners have a legal responsibility to maintain safe premises in and around the water. If they are negligent in this regard, and an accident occurs, the owner may be held liable for any resulting injuries and damages. Signs of negligence include:

-Inadequate barriers or fencing

-Failure to adequately cover the area

-Lack of supervision

-Alcohol use

-Lack of lifeguards

-Dangerous drains or other hazards

-Shallow water that is not identified

-Lack of supervision

-Insufficient signs warning of possible dangers

While swimming is a popular summer recreation, it is also a fairly risky one if safety measures are ignored.  

If a loved one has been injured in a New Jersey swimming pool accident, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Breslin and Breslin can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and collect evidence and witness testimony to strengthen your claim. We can also work alongside experts to determine the safety and security of the pool. For a free, no-risk evaluation of your swimming pool case, contact experienced personal injury attorneys at Breslin and Breslin today. 

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