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New Jersey plantiiffs can see compensation for medical losses

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2013 | Surgical Errors

A St. Louis man suffering from medical errors committed by a VA Medical Center was recently awarded $8.3 million by a federal judge. A father of three, the plaintiff is now paralyzed and mostly non-communicative. The award was split between the plaintiff ($6.8 million) and his primary caregiver wife ($1.5 million). In New Jersey or anywhere else, with a medical malpractice attorney, a plaintiff can recover damages from surgical errors committed by a medical provider who should know better.

In any medical malpractice claim, the ‘plaintiff” (patient), or someone legally acting for the patient, can sue the provider of medical treatment. With the right advice, a successful case can result in an award compensating for the injury, providing for care in the future, and including compensation for pain and suffering.

At a minimum, a medical malpractice attorney in any state, any county will know the elements that must be proven, including a duty to a patient was owed, there was a failure to perform said duties, the failure caused an injury, and damages resulted. Other things an attorney will know is whether a statute of limitations applies which expert witnesses are important, and generally how a trial or negotiated settlement should be conducted.

Nothing can reverse medical damages suffered unnecessarily by a loved one. A judgment can prevent the same damage from happening to someone else and can compensate for the costs of long-term care. Successfully bringing a medical malpractice claim requires an experienced attorney, one who knows the laws and can argue them in or out of the courtroom.

Source: St. Louis, “St. Louis man wins $8.3 million malpractice award against John Cochran VA hospital”, blythe Bernhard, November 19, 2013

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