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The effects of Sandy on many displaced nursing home residents

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2013 | Nursing Home Negligence

Hurricane Sandy was obviously unprecedented, with its effects widespread and far-reaching for literally millions of people in New Jersey, New York and other eastern states.

One distinct area of concern for state regulators and health authorities has been the displacement of many thousands of nursing home residents and persons living in assisted living facilities. A recent New Jersey Herald article chronicles some of the problems that are currently being experienced in New York City on that front.

At the outset, it is noteworthy to consider the statistics supplied by New York state health officials indicating that more than 6,200 people in the city were evacuated from their living premises owing to the storm. Those evacuations occurred at nearly 50 facilities.

Now, weeks later, there is ongoing evidence of and concern with instances of nursing home neglect and general frustration that persists among many elderly residents regarding their present living conditions. In an apparent act of negligent supervision, one patient simply walked out of a facility while unnoticed during the storm and turned up days later at a local hospital.

Two facilities in particular are being scrutinized by state officials and a legal aid group, respectively. As of the date of the Herald’s post, many residents in both those homes were continuing to live in notably cramped conditions in community rooms, emergency shelters and overcrowded hotels. Some were even sent to a halfway house for the mentally ill.

Many residents continue to pay rent through their Social Security checks, despite being effectively evicted and receiving little or no services in the storm’s aftermath.

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Source: New Jersey Herald, “NY homes for elderly under scrutiny after Sandy,” David B. Caruso, Jan. 4, 2013

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