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Four injured in Garden State Parkway crash

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2012 | Uncategorized

Four people are recovering after a chain reaction car accident that took place on the Garden State Parkway earlier this week. One man suffered severe head and hip injuries after his car was forced off the road and into a tree. He was said to be in critical condition following the crash.

The car accident occurred during the Monday morning rush hour, causing the normally heavy traffic to become even more so when New Jersey police shut down a portion of the road to investigate the crash and clean up the wreckage. In fact, even though the accident technically happened in the Parkway’s northbound lanes, it was the southbound lanes that were closed following the crash.

The first of the series of accidents took place in the northbound lanes, when a car collided with the rear of an SUV, sending both vehicles across the grass median and into the southbound lanes. There, the car crashed into another car, which in turn collided with two others. The SUV crashed into the vehicle driven by the man who suffered the most serious injuries, sending it, as stated above, it careened off the road and into a tree. Three others suffered more minor injuries.

Although investigators are not yet sure of the cause of the accident or whether anyone is at fault, one arrest has been made in connection with the crash. A passenger in one of the cars reportedly interrupted officers several times at the scene despite multiple warnings not to intervene. He was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

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