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Secretary of Commerce involved in seizure-induced car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2012 | Car Accidents

The United States Secretary of Commerce has reportedly decided to take a leave of absence following a series of car accidents that took place over the weekend. According to media reports, the crashes occurred when Commerce Secretary John Bryson had a seizure behind the wheel. No one was injured in either accident, but the Secretary’s health is reportedly motivating his decision to temporarily leave his post.

The series of car accidents began when Bryson, who was alone in his personal car, crashed into the rear of a vehicle that had stopped for a passing train. The three occupants of that car said that Bryson spoke briefly to them and then drove away, striking their vehicle again as he left the scene. The driver followed Bryson’s vehicle and reportedly saw him crash into a second car. He was then found unconscious behind the wheel.

A Breathalyzer test administered after the crashes did not detect any alcohol, but police are reportedly waiting on the results from a blood test. Bryson may be charged with hit and run or other offenses depending on the outcome of that test.

However, if he had been medically unconscious due to a seizure or other ailment, he will likely not be held liable for the accidents. A neurologist who is not involved in Bryson’s care commented that his episode is consistent with someone who suffers epileptic seizures. This is reportedly Bryson’s first seizure.

No one in the other vehicles was seriously injured in the accidents.

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