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New Jersey volunteer firefighter injured in car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2011 | Car Accidents

A New Jersey volunteer firefighter was recently injured in a head on collision while responding to a fire call in Old Tappan, a borough in Bergen County. Ultimately, the call was deemed a false alarm.

According to the car accident report, the 22-year-old firefighter, who is a five-year veteran of the Old Tappan Volunteer Fire Department, was responding to a fire call just after midnight when a vehicle pulled out in front of him. After the car failed to stop at a stop sign, the vehicles collided head on. Both the firefighter and the woman driving the car were seriously injured in the collision, and both vehicles were totaled.

The firefighter struck the woman’s vehicle head on and, because of slick road conditions, slid into the cur, causing his vehicle to flip over. By the time emergency vehicles arrived on the scene, the firefighter had crawled from the overturned vehicle and was conscious on the sidewalk. Responding emergency workers noted a deep cut in the firefighter’s left side, and a possible broken nose. The 57-year-old woman involved in the accident suffered a severe head injury and was unable to answer basic questions about her location, the date, and where she lived.

The firefighter’s coworkers called him a valuable and dedicated volunteer and told local media that they are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Officers responding to the car accident issued the woman citations for failing to yield to a volunteer emergency vehicle and failing to stop at a stop sign. It is unknown whether she was under the influence of alcohol or any other substances at the time of the crash.

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