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Honda announces second vehicle recall

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2011 | Product Liability

Honda recently announced a worldwide recall of more than 1 million cars from two model lines in order to fix potential electrical problems and a software malfunctions in the vehicles. The recall is the second of its kind in a month: in early August, the automaker recalled about 1.5 million vehicles after learning of design defects in the vehicles’ transmissions.

As part of the most recent recall, 936,000 cars from Honda’s Fit and CR-V product lines are reportedly in need of repairs to fix electrical glitches in the vehicles’ power windows. Honda reports that residue from window cleaners may accumulate, degrading the master switch for the cars’ power windows and potentially causing vehicle fires.

In addition, 26,000 vehicles from Honda’s CR-Z hybrid model line are also being recalled due to software malfunctions in cars with a manual transmission. Honda reports that the glitch could result in the motor rolling in the opposite direction from the transmission’s gear, which could allow the car to roll in the wrong direction. No injuries have been reported in connection with either problem.

Last month, Honda announced a recall of 1.5 million vehicles after reports of a transmission malfunction in cars from the CR-V, Element, and Accord model lines. According to Honda, a transmission part was susceptible to damage when the vehicle was shifted quickly between drive, neutral, and reverse, which could cause the engine to stall and jam the car’s parking gear mechanism.

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